Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Some pictures of my favourite walking buddies. They're so cool. Have I mentioned Emma is a fairweather girl? She's not even happy to be out on this day, which was actually quite lovely. 

But, she loved celebrating Brad's birthday! Mmmmm, cake.

We've been fighting a cold with a horrific cough. Ugh. Gracie was recuperating on this sick day and had her own special sick bed in the playroom. 

And this is what happens to blackberries in the house now. She used to gobble them up so fast, she was actually quite clean about it. Now, she's discovered the squish. It must be quite lovely, because she would much rather play with them now than eat them.

And that's us lately - bundled up against the cold, a little sick and messy, but happy. Hope you're happy, too.

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