Friday, 7 March 2014

December Daily Album

Let the sharing begin! I finally wrapped up this project, so I thought I'd bombard you with pictures of Christmas, to get you in the spirit for Easter :)

I made another mini album with pages of all sizes, lots of pockets, fold-out pages, tags, and tabs to capture all of our festive fun. It's a little hard to wrap your head around in pictures, but it's always fun to make. 

The inside cover has a pocket to hold our Christmas card, so that's in there with our memories, too.

The red card in the photo above opens up to include the girl's Christmas lists and their blessings lists (seen below). 

Yes, I made up Emma's lists for her, but I think I was quite accurate.

Baking, decorating, crafts Christmas cards, lights, advent calendars, elves, and fun made up the early days of December. Almost makes me want to celebrate all over. Almost.

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