Sunday, 31 January 2016

Thankful for...

Oh, the things we'll miss....

It's hard to look back when things are so exciting in the future, but there are so many things we've loved in Edmonton I need to share about a few.

Leaving Lake Louise, we thought our sporty, outdoorsy days were behind us. Living in a city is definitely different, but we found new activities and realized that there is still lots of nature in the city.

I love the river valley, the races we've done in Edmonton and of course, strollersize and all of the wonderful people there. Oh.... I will miss you.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Layout love

I just love this line from We R Memory Keepers. It's called Wildflower and it was their fall release. While I wait for the new spring and summer releases to come out, I'll keep playing with this one.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Pocket Pages

I love dropping older photos into pocket pages. It's so quick and easy and you get lots of pictures out of storage in one swoop!

This one is a day of 'hiking'. It's a whole new thing with kids. Haha! Not like the hikes we went on before having them.

I love Webster's Pages lines lately. They always have bright, useable colours and a mixture of photography and graphic design in their patterned paper. 

These pictures were from Brad's neice's wedding in May. Occasions where there are tons of photos are great for pocket pages.

And a field trip to the zoo that Gracie's Kindergarten class went on. Emma and I tagged along and took photos. They're not great because I was watching my two kids, and the three others in my group while snapping pics. Perfect for a pocket page!

If you're looking for more information on Project Life style scrapbooking, there's a crop on January 30, at Treasured Memories with a focus on pocket style scrapbooking.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Speed of Life

Things are moving quickly around here.

Our house went on the market on Wednesday night and we've been having lots of viewings and positive feedback. You can check out the listing here.

We're saying goodbye to friends, co-workers, schools, activities and favourite spots. Making peace with what we're leaving behind and getting excited about what's to come.

We're looking at new houses, new communities, new schools, and trying to wrap our heads around where we'd like to be.

We're cleaning. Tidying and purging and making sure the house looks good for showings and we're only  moving on with the things we really want.

I know I'm spotty on posting here lately, but I'll try to keep it up. Bare with me for awhile and I'll be back.

Friday, 8 January 2016

December Wrap-up

The Christmas Gong Show Continues!! Haha! We travelled from Edmonton to Crossfield, to Hanna, to Lethbridge, and then home in the week after Christmas. The annual Tour of Alberta. 

Here it is in pictures:

Christmas Eve

The girls opened their Christmas Eve gift - new housecoats and a special cup and plate for Santa's treats.

Christmas Morning

Yes, they're spoiled...

I have no pictures from Crossfield Christmas. I knew my mom was taking pictures so I didn't take any. Now, I need to get them from her. 

Dec. 26

 Opening more presents at the farm.

oh, so spoiled....

Dec. 27

Benedict Christmas and skating party.

Boot goalposts on a frozen dugout. All you need. 

Dec. 28

Emma's Birthday!! She's three! "I'm really three?!" Yes, sweetie, a month after your birthday party, you're finally officially three. 

We opened Em's gifts before we left Edmonton on the 24th, but I put her pictures here, just because.

Grams made her taco salad for supper and a fantastic cake on the real day! Delish!

Dec. 29

What's that? More presents? Spoiled!!

Opening presents in Lethbridge with the Higginsons.

Emma gets right into her bag, searching for presents. 

Dec. 30

 Luckily, Uncle Broc is a principal with keys to the school. We had a fun floor hockey game and the kids played soccer, rode the scooters, coloured, and played in the sensory room.

We met Lily and Gracie was enamoured with her newest cousin.

We have played so hard!

Dec. 31

80's party for New Year's Eve...

Oh dear. 

Karaoke, name-that-tune, lip sync contests, and some sweet, sweet costumes!

And team, 'Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner' was victorious. Woohoo! Thanks to Steve, not in the picture who is a name-that-tune savant, and no thanks to us.

But we looked the part ;)

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy New Year!

I interrupt my December recap for this 6 day late, Happy New Year's message. Enjoy! Hope 2016 is treating you all well so far. 

I'm excited for a fresh new year. New beginnings. New experiences. A chance to reevaluate things and set goals.

Some people don't enjoy that, but I really do. I'm not saying I stick to my goals like glue, but I try.

The biggest force shaping 2016 is that we're moving! Talk about a fresh start!

Brad got promoted in the middle of December and will now be the Sergeant in charge of the Emergency Response Team for Southern Alberta. He's based out of Calgary, so we're looking at buying there or in Airdrie.

So, that's what we've been busy with.  On top of all our Christmas celebrations and stresses, we've been    getting the house, the kids, the dog and ourselves ready.  That's why you haven't heard from me very regularly lately. Sorry.

Now, back to the new year. I have plans. If you follow Ali Edwards, you know she picks a word to keep in mind throughout the year. Something to help her stick to her goals and focus her decisions/choices/actions around for the year.

I chose Bold as my word this year. It's different than my previous words, which have been focused on being a better person. This year, I'm reminding myself to take chances, speak up, try new things, have courage and believe in myself. Somewhere along the way, I became a little meek. I'm not sure when that happened, because I don't think that's who I am naturally, but I've noticed it. It's not a bad thing, but it's not me. This year, I'm going to push myself, say yes to more things and open myself up to new experiences and opportunities.

So why not start by recreating my routines, making new friends and contacts and setting up a new house in a new city? Haha. Thanks for the push to start my year off boldly!

Monday, 4 January 2016

December Experiences

More glimpses of what we've been up to. 

We've always gotten the girls to pick out gifts and donated them to Santa's Anonymous, but this year, we volunteered to deliver gifts. It was a really good experience. I'd like to do this again. 

We've been playing in the snow with our cousins:

Skating and checking out the lights at the Legislative Building:

When our neice and nephew came to visit, their Elf showed up at our house to keep an eye on things. The two of them got into all kinds of trouble:

We felt the Christmas spirit:

And we met up with some friends for a fun gingerbread house decorating party. While the kids decorated, the moms enjoyed coffee and Laura Secord chocolate liqueur. Forget about the kids, we needed our picture taken!

Christmas is getting so close, but we've really been making the most of the whole season! What a fantastic month we've had, and these are just the pre-Christmas memories! These were all taken before our giant Alberta Roadtrip.