Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Emma's the Star Today!

Just a few layouts. More quickies done to use my stash!

I love instagrams and I love this little cutie!

Today is All About Emma Day!

Here she is again!

Perhaps she's featured on a lot of layouts because I've realized I totally overshot the mark with Gracie's 65 scrapbook albums.... I just need to capture Emma's life daily and stop taking pictures of Gracie, and it will totally even out, right??!!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Want to see our trip photos?

I lied... I found more photos..... I knew that was too good to be true. 

Oh well. I put them all in a book at Shutterfly today. 

I'm too far behind in my scrapbooking. It should arrive in a few days. It's kind of addicting. I might have to compliment my handmade scrapbooks with this super quick method to get pictures off my computer and into a keepsake.

Plus, you can check it out here. Saves me a bunch of blog posts, too.

Click here to view this photo book larger
and keep clicking on view larger or view fullscreen until you can see it and read the text. I promise, it won't make you buy anything.
Build your own high-quality photo books at Shutterfly.com.

Saturday, 25 January 2014


We had a lovely trip, full of great family memories. I've even edited the pictures and have it down to 51 in 11 days. That's actually really good for me, especially when we're on vacation.

Here's a quick look at our hula girl.
Now, watch Gracie.... and only Gracie (she's in the navy blue and white striped dress)

Oops, she got turned around...


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow....

Okay folks, time to wrap this up! It's the new year, and that means we should be looking ahead, not back. Here's the last of our Merry month of December. Hope you enjoyed seeing what we did, I always love doing this. 

Day 29: Skating with the family (or in Emma's case, sledding)

This video was actually taken on another day, but I was really bad at taking photos... I need to get more from my mom, this one below is one Brad took on his phone.

Day 30: Liberace entertained us while we spent more family time together.

Day 31: (I'm grouping the 31- 3 here, because I have to cut this off somewhere, but we visited and celebrated right into 2014!)

Visiting Grammy Plomp

Enjoying a cupcake with cousins

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Emma's one!

Yep, while we were gone, this little cutie turned one!

On the 28th, we had a birthday muffin and a lot of fun with the Benedict clan. 

On the 29th, we had cake and opened presents (and I need to get those pictures from my mom...)

 On New Year's Day we celebrated again with the other side of the family and Emma demolished a cupcake!

Such a lucky little girl. 
And we're so lucky to have her.

Over the past year, we've seen a lot of personality, a lot of smiles, and a lot of love. 
She doesn't like her carseat or getting changed or being away from Brad or I, and she's not quiet when she's not happy.
She loves nothing better than to cuddle with us, she likes musical toys and she moves like lightning.
She has an uncanny ability to match socks, but that usefulness is balanced by the need to tear every piece of laundry off the couch, while I'm folding.
She thinks she's a Barbie, constantly trying to fit into Gracie's Barbie car and crawling through her Barbie house.

She loves a bottle and likes to feed herself finger food. She won't eat a banana or anything banana flavoured unless you're eating it, then she'll steal as many bites as you'll give her.
Her favourite things in the house are toilets and stairs, if she escapes, that's where you'll find her.
She loves Bailey, and makes a beeline for him whenever she can. If he's outside, she'll sit on his bed to wait for him (another favourite spot).
She learns things best by watching Gracie and loves to play with her toys and play chase with her.
She's walking, crawling, clapping, laughing, and making kissy noises. 
She says mom, dad, duck and hi and loves to babble on the phone. 
She makes me want to hug and kiss her all day and she has made my heart grow like the Grinch's all year long.
Happy First Birthday Emma! 
Love you.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Frosty The Snowman....

Day 26: 
The lights at the Legislative Grounds

 And the snowman we made there!

They were fantastic this year! And there was a great skating rink in the grouunds behind, which wasn't there before. Fun!

Day 27: Presents at the farm!

Emma opening her Baby Emma doll

Matching ballerinas!

There should've been a lot more photos of Day 27, but I was too close to the kids and the tissue paper was flying, so there are a lot of duds on my camera....

Monday, 6 January 2014

Special Christmas Memory

 Favourite Moment of Christmas? 

Gracie's preschool went to the Festival of Trees this year, where they had a special shop just for kids. My friend was chaperoning, so she sent Gracie and her daughter in with $5 each. 

Gracie picked two little things for Emma, one for Brad, one for me, and a little something for herself. 

She put them in bags and made special cards and crafts to go along with each of our presents and she kept it a secret for the whole month. 

On Christmas morning, she proudly brought them to the tree. 

Emma got a toy fish and a purse, 

I got a little frame, 

and Brad got this figurine. 

Suddenly, it made sense why she'd casually asked Brad if he liked clowns on Christmas Eve.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Baby it's Cold Outside.....

Christmas Eve!

Patiently scanning the skies for Santa, at 9 am....

And later, we put our new Christmas pj's on, and set up Santa's snack. 

And, these pj's were so great, they need a special showcasing photo.

Christmas Day!!!

Rudolph was delighted with his carrots, and left the girls a special treat of thanks.

Even Bailey peeked in the crowded front room to check out his stocking.

Lucky, lucky, lucky...

Such excitement from this girl!

Literally jumping up and down.

And our sweetest gifts, this Christmas were these two lovely ladies!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
I hope your 2014 is full from top to bottom and side to side. 

We've been on a mad, whirlwind trip, visiting Hanna, Lethbridge, Crossfield, and returning home with a car packed tight, a My Little Pony, hidden amongst the chaos, spouting French phrases for the last two hours of our trip, and a one year old!

It was fast, but it was good. 

Here's some more of what we did in December:

Day 20: GG reading with some of her grandkids

Day 21: Cookie decorating with friends

Day 22: first round of present opening with GG and Grand dad

Yep, we're not even at Christmas Eve yet...