Friday, 25 October 2013

Second Generation Dixie Chicks

These were taken before Thanksgiving, when some of our family got together to celebrate. 

Emma, Rosie (Elvira) and Evelyn. All born within months of each other. They're all horrible pictures, but they kindof make me laugh. Poor Rosie is too small to be sandwiched in between her older cousins..

When she left, Emma rose to the top in the baby battles, pulling at Evelyn's flower on her headband and eventually trying to pants her. 

Baby Hunger Games. Lovely. 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Gracie's First Pre-K Field Trip!!

Gracie was so excited to go on her first field trip. Grams came up to watch Emma so that I could go along, and we had fun!

Gracie got to ride a bus for the first time, and it was pretty exciting. Seventeen 3 and 4 year olds on their first bus ride was actually quite hilarious.

All of the kids getting introduced to traffic safety at Safety City.

They got to play on trains. 

Half of the class got to ride quads (Yep. Quads) around the safety city streets and the other half were pedestrians, then they switched. 

Gracie's group was motorized first....

Watch out!

Liam was trying to pass, but Gracie had the swerve perfected (she learned that move from me).

There was a break for a snack, because all of that 'learning' was hard work. Ayla and Gracie sat together.

 And they got to play on a train and learn about train signals and crossings. 

Gracie sitting with Liam, again. 

Gracie sat with Taylor on the way their and Ayla and me on the way back. I got to see how she interacts with everyone at preschool and got to know some of the kids, parents, and the teachers a little better, which was nice. It was so much fun plus, they really did learn some valuable lessons. Good first field trip.

Thanks Grams for staying with Emma, making soup, doing laundry and dishes and being so up for anything all the time. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What we're up to

Basically, more of the usual. We all picked up colds at Thanksgiving, so we're sick and going through kleenex like  crazy. Lovely.

This little smiley likes to do everything by herself. 

Which is sometimes messy. (That's raspberries, not blood folks).

Gracie's doing great in her swimming lessons. Her front float is hilarious. She jumps into the water and at about a foot under, she snaps her arms and legs out like a star, and slowly floats up to the surface. She runs out of air about the time she actually gets to the top. Ha! Hilarious!

She loves the water and is really enjoying the lessons.

I get to run errands with these two cuties, which makes everything a little more fun. Gracie wanted to sit up in the basket because Emma can now, so we're a little top heavy in our carts these days, but it's actually quite nice to have both kids right at my fingertips all of the time. 

Brad's back to work and his hockey is already in month 2. I've been working on my October kit from Treasured Memories and am taking an online course in my spare time. Gracie still has gymnastics and preschool and wants to ride her bike as much as possible before it snows. Bailey's always up for a walk and got himself a spiffy new haircut. 

That's us.  

Monday, 21 October 2013

More layouts - Vuelta

We took tons of pictures at the Vuelta last fall, so I made a few pages that would go together in our trip album. 

I tried to make these a little more manly because they're some of Brad's favourite pictures, and it's nice to detour from all of my cute girly pages (although, I do love them). I used lots of arrows to show movement and stars, tags and hexagons in a mix of bright yellow and green and lots of kraft, brown and black.

Here's a close up of the tag on the page above. For some reason, I've pulled these out again a lot lately and I like them simply as a base for titles. A little doodling, some rub ons and stickers and a title. Simple.

Here's the opposing page. It's much busier with all of my little photos, but carries over the banners, doodling, and colours.

Another tag, too.

A similar colour theme, but much brighter for these ones. Some washi tape, stickers and pop dots helped this one come together.

And the opposing page. Again, it's got more pictures jammed in to get all of the special pictures we took into the album.

Once they're side by side, the layouts look more balanced. I usually make the first page a focal point, and load up the second with smaller photos. 

And one last page about a boy and his bike obsession ;) I even got Brad to write the journaling for this one. We're so tech-savvy that I asked him to write something about the race and he texted it to me! Ha. Who uses paper and a pen anymore?

Saturday, 19 October 2013


This is a scrapbooking blog... sort of... I haven't posted pictures in awhile of layouts. In fact, it's been longer than this:

Yep, that's a stack of layouts I set aside to take pictures of and share here. I finally got to them the other day. 

Here are a few:

Chocolate croissant memory captured.

Playing with some sidewalk paint that Grams made.

I like this one. Seems sweet and airy to me. Just what I was going for.

Plus, these resist butterflies from Pink Paislee are pretty great.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Photos from Thanksgiving in Lethbridge

It was not only Thanksgiving, but a celebration of 25 years of marriage for Brad's parents and a big party full of birthdays! What a jam-packed weekend.

This is what it looks like when Brad's family sits down for a meal. This is just his parents, brothers and sisters and their kids. Plus, there are about 7 people missing from this picture...

Smiling for a photo.

Cuties in the grass.

GG and Granddad with the grandkids (with 6 missing kiddos).

Steph and her kids.

Everyone again.

Just GG, Granddad and their kids.


Sisters +


Dave and Norma with Al and Gay.

These were just taken with my camera, the real photographer's photos should be even better!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Love this little girl. She loves to cuddle in and we love to let her.

She was afraid of a new toy we were playing with here, so climbed right up on top of me to stay safe. Swoon.

Yes, sometimes I play with my children by laying my head on their foam chair and letting them play around me....

And making it hard for dad to go back to work, she fell asleep while he sat with her and he couldn't bare to put her down.

Look at those cheeks!