Monday, 24 March 2014

Hello from the Malacko's!

These girls just make me smile all of the time!

Even brushing teeth is a chance for me to snap their picture. And yes, Gracie doesn't always like doing it, and I do hate the pink toothpaste that I constantly have to clean out of the sink, but they share a stool so nicely (most of the time) and Emma just wants to be like her big sister so much, it makes me love this little part of our routine.

 Brad's been busy with work a lot lately, so it's been the three girls together most of the time. I turned out desk in the kitchen into a reading nook for them so I could make supper, which actually worked quite well, they weren't underfoot, but I could keep an eye on them.

 Of course, it started to morph from reading nook to fort, to crazy toy storage locker, and spread from under the desk to under the table, so I had to rethink that one, but for a few blissful days, it was perfect.

This one is a photo Gracie took of Emma playing. Emma is hard to capture, because she moves quick and loves cameras, so you have to be fast. 

Gracie and her babies. She loves to line up her dolls and put on shows for them, or have them watch her soccer games, or whatever she's into at the moment.

Gracie was lucky enough to have a leprechaun visit her preschool on St. Patrick's Day! He left her these two gold coins (which are chocolate! She was genuinely shocked when another little boy immediately unwrapped his and started eating) in her boots and rearranged some of the signs in the school. That sneaky leprechaun!

These are some of the things we've been up to lately, plus colds, playdates, birthday parties, and some crafting. Pretty good life. 

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