Thursday, 27 March 2014

Little Lovey Loves Her Bottle

Emma loves her bottle. She would gladly drink milk all day long. I've been trying to cut her back, because she apparently is nearly doubling her recommended milk consumption (oops), but I also know one day she won't have a bottle anymore and I will miss seeing her with it. 

She is pretty attached to Beary, too. We're trying to make sure he's just a night time toy, but she'd like to drag him around like Linus and his blankie. 

Sometimes, I catch her doing this:

She's not even drinking it, just holding the bottle in her teeth. 

but then she does this, and I can hardly take it away. 

So, I took some pictures, so I can remember how cute and little she is right now, and I'll try to cut her back and get her to drink from a sippy cup...


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