Sunday, 9 March 2014

December Daily 3

Last one, folks! 

Emma's birthday is now a part of our Christmas holidays!

A few pockets full of photos.

 I also included some funny or memorable facebook posts from the year. I guess I'm a little chatty though, because after picking my favourites, I had four pages worth (four smaller pages, but still four pages)....

I made a little accordion fold spine at the top of my page so I could hold all of them without including a thousand tags or stuffing them in a big envelope. Now you can flip through them with ease. This may be my favourite part of the book. 

And here's my teeny-tiny resolutions tag ;) Guess I'm either perfect, or I just know not to try and make too big of changes. 

Congrats! You survived. Hope you enjoyed this little taste of Christmas in March!

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