Thursday, 30 July 2015

Summer Time...

And the livin' is easy. 

We're all enjoying the heat this summer. 

In the backyard, at the playground, or on vacation, we've been finding sunshine and fun. 

July's been great. Can't wait for August!

Even Bailey's enjoying the sun (from the shade).

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Post-Run Play

After a run in the river valley, the kids and I like to head to the park at Kinsmen. 

My monkeys like to climb the rocks and logs and whatever else they can find a finger grip on. 

Pretty strong!

Plus, the old, super long slides are still there.

There are ropes, swings, and everything you could need for a perfect park visit.

Have I mentioned I love summer??

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Running Buddies

These girls keep me on my toes! There is nothing better than going for a run in the river valley in Edmonton with a group of ladies as fun as these. 

The lovely lady in front, Danielle, planned a special run for her birthday on this day. We were missing two from the group in this pic, but took one while we could.

Loving the sunshine!

Friday, 24 July 2015

Farm Layouts

I just love these pictures from the farm at Easter. The kids enjoyed the baby calves so much. 

I made one 12x12 page and another pocket page to share a few extra pictures. 

Thanks to Jacqueline for the super cute wood veneer animals. They were perfect for my layout!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Beat the Heat Inside

We've been spending a lot of time outside, but it's so hot and beautiful  that we have to come inside sometimes and cool down.

Gracie's been spending lots of time with her lego lately. Creating sets for her imaginative stories and games. 

Princesses, My Little Ponies, Mounties, Fairies with chain pony tails, this set up has it all.

(even a slide)

Love her imagination.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Bright and Cheerful Layouts

Happy seems to describe this girl, 90% of the time. She can be stubborn and if you have to wake her up, prepare to be greeted by a grumpy teenager, but the rest of the time, she's so smiley and giggly, it's infectious.

Here's a few layouts showcasing her silly, happy side.

Last summer, she had so much fun in our backyard pool!

I used a variety of scrap papers for both of these layouts, just matching bright colours together and layering. In the top layout I see some Echo Park, Bo Bunny, Kaisercraft, and Me and My Big Ideas. 

This layout has Prima, MME, Me and My Big Ideas, and Basic Grey. I used a pen to doodle around both of these layouts. Just messy, freehand lines. I like the added depth it brings to the layers in the layouts.

Also, a cute little girl wearing her sister's bike helmet backwards, a backpack, and a serious expression. She's ready for her next adventure.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Bouncy Castle Fun

I got this bouncy castle on sale from Superstore four years ago and it is the best thing ever!!! 

I think it cost about $70 and we use it all the time. In the summer, we bounce in the backyard, and in the winter, we bounce in the basement. So fun!

The girls can go from squeals of delight to screams of fury pretty fast, but it's mostly happy noises. 

How fun to jump in princess dresses. The icing on the cake.

Static hair. Don't care.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

She is fearless

Is it a second child thing? Everyone I talk to has crazy, daredevil second children. 

They're so busy trying to keep up to their older siblings, they lose all caution. 

This layout was done at Treasured Memories as a challenge at one of their fabulous crops. They give you a bunch of products and you have to use them all, and then can add anything else. 

These are great ways to think outside your usual process and challenge your brain and creative side a little bit. I love them. Plus, who doesn't love free, beautiful product?

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

New Treasured Memories Design Team Kit

Theresa Collins new lines are so great!

These lines should be a staple in every scraproom. 
They have hints of gold, black, grey, yellow, pink and baby blue and are so useable.

I got Glam Factor, and a few pieces from Signature Essentials to use this month. 

These pages both feature Emma as the star. 

A few close-ups:

One more:

And some close-ups:

Head in to Treasured Memories to see everything and stock up!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Backyard Silliness

Oh the fun you can have in a 4 foot pool! 

The girls have been spending time in this bad boy every day, enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having. 

Nothing but fun times in the summer.

Emma contemplating which trick she will show me next...

Gracie dislocating her eye... 
 Is this normal? 
She has weirdly flexible (?) eyeballs. 

Oh thank goodness, it didn't stay that way. 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Lovin' Canada!

We went to the fantastic festivities in Sherwood Park to celebrate Canada this year. 
What a great parade! 

We had some friends with us, which makes everything better. 

And GG and Granddad, jackpot!

We hardly had any fun...

Oh the pony rides....

The girls loved the horses. Emma laughed and screamed throughout the ride and cried when I had to take her off.

Gracie sat proudly and patted her horse. She got one of the biggest ponies, which made her very happy.

Then there were horses and ponies to pet. 

And more to ride!

The girls raced these awesome inflatable ponies. 
Gracie flew. Brad and Emma just couldn't keep up.

What more could you ask for from a celebration? If you can get past the horses (which we barely could) there were Princesses,

archery demos, 

bouncy castles (which little sisters needed rescuing from),

cookies we could decorate ourselves,

glittery, painted on tattoos,


fire trucks (and hats),

firefighter cutouts,

and time spent together in the sunshine. 
Great day!