Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Calgary Vacation

For Christmas, my family exchanged 'experiences' instead of gifts, so our experience was a trip to Calgary for the whole family.

 We stayed in a hotel with a fantastic waterpark and the kids loved it. I wish I'd gotten some pictures of the kids on the slides, but everyone's hands were pretty full, so none got taken. 

Even Emma got in on the excitement and came screaming down the slide (with mom or dad). She laughed the whole way down. You could tell when Gracie's turn was up, too. She came giggling and screaming all the way down. 

Here are a few of the kids playing in the rooms:

Miss Mardi Gras loves a good necklace. 

I love William's face in these two pictures. He was loving the bubbles!

"This gift bag must be for me," thinks Miss Mardi Gras.

"I wasn't doing anything...." To me, it looks like William just pulled his hand away from something else and tried to look innocent (and cute - it worked!)

And Jada's not pretending she's innocent, she'll take you apart piece by piece with her screwdriver.

See that arm on the floor? That's Brad after a pillow fight broke out. 

Craft time. William, Jada, and Gracie all decorated Easter bags. 

And they all found a game on Uncle's phone that was pretty cool.

I think this was one of the best gifts we all got this year!

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