Monday, 15 July 2013

Echo Park Sticker Sheets

My last kit from Treasured Memories included a 12 x 12 sticker sheet and I loved it. I used it to make four projects for the store, and I still had enough leftover for these two layouts. 

I added some washi tape, alphabet stickers and cardstock, plus two leftover journaling cards and a marker to doodle, but I was really just focused on using the whole sheet of stickers. I used 13 stickers on the one above.

Another one where I just added cardstock, some alphabet stickers, and a journaling card. I used 16 stickers on this one. 

Can you believe that you can get that many projects out of one sticker sheet? I am impressed.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Batch of Crazies

Yep, we're crazy. The kids are crazy. The dog's lost it. 

Gracie got these straw/glasses from Grams and Papa and nothing gets her to drink fluids on a hot day like this getup. So we go with it. 

And Happy McHappy Pants is crazy cute. 

And she sleeps like she's going to suffocate herself, which makes me a little crazy. 

But, she's happy!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Bright Eyes

I loved these pictures of Emma when I saw them. They show her beautiful eyes and they make me want to dive in and go swimming :)

When Gracie was little, I wanted a machine that translated a baby's babble or simply a scrolling text that ran across her forehead with all of the things that are going on in their minds.  To be honest, I wanted this on my belly when I was pregnant, too. 

Sometimes, you don't know what they're thinking, but when you look in their eyes and all you see is clear, fresh, wide-eyed wonder it makes you remember they're just taking everything in.  

Saturday, 6 July 2013


We're loving the weather! Sunshine, heat, no bugs, life is good.

Gracie has been harvesting as many strawberries as she can, checking her bounty often.

We love the backyard, with an umbrella and a splash pool.

And a performer.

Emma is stealing the summer treats right out of my hand. She loved gnawing on a cool watermelon slice. Those poor little teeth are coming in fast and she needs a little relief, so I don't mind sharing.

Life is good!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Quick Update

I love these girls. That's the update. 

How could you not?

Gracie loves Barbies at the moment. They go everywhere and they like to dance with the palace (prince) and go to the ball.

Emma likes to eat cheerios. She also likes to chase them all over her tray trying to pick them up, and occasionally whack all of them, scattering them around the kitchen. She's also been known to blow a raspberry right in your face, as you feed her a big bite of soupy mush. 
Our house is messy...

This girl has come along to replace my little girl. Who is she? She's much to old and mature. 

And this little rascal is so full of mischief and laughs, she makes us all smile, all of the time. She's pushing herself up on all fours and even does the occasional downward dog, which unfortunately, usually ends in a nosedive. She likes to walk with someone holding her hands, so Brad and I both have the permanent hunchback look happening. 

And... toes.... I love 'em.
Gracie took this one for me.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Grottoes

I made this layout using the same idea to use up my 6 x 6 paper pads. All of these little banners and journaling strips were cut from a Glitz paper pad, which I love. 

Simple. A few different sheets of patterned paper, two sheets of cardstock, some alphabet stickers and 10,000 photos!

Page 1

and Page 2

These pictures were from Lagos, Portugal, which may have been my favourite stop on the trip.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Did you hear the song, when you read the title? Because I heard it when I wrote it... 

Things will be better when you're 
Da da da da da da...

Yep, I don't know the words, but it's in my head. 

Enough of that. 

A few weekends ago, we headed downtown to the Farmer's Market in Churchill Square. We bought some homemade perogies and then spent the rest of the morning at a park and enjoying some hot dogs and people watching.

We forgot about the downtown wading pool, so we rolled up Gracie's pants to her knees and she splashed in up to her armpits.

So much fun.
We went for the market, but the best memories were from everything else we did. 
Oh well. 

I'm not sure where she got this balloon, but it appeared partway through the day.

And she loved her hot dog.

One satisfied customer.