Wednesday, 19 March 2014

First Signs of Spring!

We've been out enjoying the beautiful weather and Gracie has been putting the miles on her bike. She's done two 5K bike rides to her new school and back and pedals up and down our street each afternoon, racing imaginary competitors. 

Emma's instinct is to brace herself when Gracie comes by for another lap, but Gracie's got pretty good control, and as you can tell by her singing, she's not out for blood ;)

Emma and Bailey love the fresh air, too. Emma likes to walk around checking out puddles, ice blocks, and any old leaves or twigs that she can find. She also likes to dip her mitten in a puddle and then suck the muddy water out of it (seriously folks, kids are so gross sometimes...).

I put these up because it's supposed to snow tomorrow, so I had to squeeze them in while they were timely. Spring will hopefully pop back quick, but who knows, it is March.

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