Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Spray Park Fun

Gracie's gotten so fast, I can hardly snap a picture of her. 

Emma is still hesitant, watching from the sidelines for most of the time.

Then her and I went in, and she got the hang of it. 

It didn't hurt that it was +30 today. Hot, hot, hot!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Infinity x infinity

 I haven't posted much scrapbooking lately because I've been working on the August kit for Treasured Memories. It's great! I can't say much, but I will say that I easily made 12 layouts out of the kit, it's still $35 for $50 worth of stuff, and I love it!

Until you can see it (it's revealed on the 1st on the TM blog), here's a quick layout:

This uses Heidi Swapp and American Crafts, two companies featured in the August kit..... But this layout was not made with the kit. I will share some kit layouts soon!

Monday, 28 July 2014

K Days Parade

 We had a fun day walking in the parade with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

We met princesses, superheroes, and some great people.

We got shirts, sunglasses, wands, and lots of smiles.

We saw a neat police car in the parade and stopped for a photo with it.

Emma ran laps with her pompom before we started, 

then waved at the crowd from my hip the whole way (the nice cushy stroller was a bit confining).
I didn't get any pictures, but Gracie skipped the whole way, waving her pompoms.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Make-A-Wish Foundation's Rope For Hope

I volunteered for my first event with the Make-A-Wish Foundation yesterday, and it was a lot of fun. 
There were 48 people who raised funds to have a chance to rappel down the side of the Westin in downtown Edmonton. They hung over the edge, 23 storeys up and slowly, released their pulleys to drop slowly down the side of the building. 

Three former Wish Kids (kids who have had a wish granted for them) rappelled. 

People went in tutus, tiger costumes, super hero costumes, or just as they were, but everyone came down to big cheers.

Long legs here, pushed off the building and bounded down. I guess he had experience.

The General Manager of the Westin did it, which brought a large crowd from the hotel.

There she is!

A few parents of Wish Kids went. 

This is the view out the 20th storey window.... 


That's me! Hahaha. No, it's not. I stayed on the ground. Happy to help, but not crazy enough to throw myself off a perfectly good building.

 Here are a few bad pictures of the volunteers.... 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday!


These layouts are overdue... Gracie's almost 5... oh well. 

The shopping trip....

and the birthday donut! 

Lucky girl. The party still has to be scrapped... the second birthday party, then the third, then the fourth. Yikes!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Treasured Memories Design Team Kit - June

This kit was a little brighter than I usually use, but I loved it! 
The kit was Bo Bunny's new line, Lemonade Stand. I paired it with this super cute photo of Gracie and her GG and came up with this:

See the bubbles? I was reminded at a make and take (at TM) about these little circles and I thought it was a perfect technique for a layout about blowing bubbles. Simply dip your finger in paint (I used acrylic white paint, with a little bit of glitter sprinkled in) and rub it around the edge of a bottle cap. Press it to the paper in a random pattern. I used two different sized caps to make my bubbles. 

The second layout showcases the fun patterned paper with lots of white space. Lots of stickers, brads (I was so lazy, I didn't even take them off of the backing paper they came on - Ha! I liked the looks of it, so I used it) alphabet stickers, doodling and a great morning snapshot of my favourite campers. 

You can't even tell how bad the camping trip went from this layout...
We were a little too ambitious with an infant, but we're rectifying that this summer. We will be campers again. 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


It makes me so happy that these two are so close. 

Sometimes, Gracie won't give Emma space when she's had enough and sometimes Emma likes to 'help' Gracie with a project she's working on, but most of the time, they're best buddies. 

I hope they're always close.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Quick Reminders

I've been thinking for years that I want more sayings in my house. I love how simple words can  change your outlook and I love words, so it's probably fitting that I couldn't decide on one saying. Instead of one, I chose 11...

Ha! I guess I really need an overhaul. I'm hanging this outside my bedroom door, so I see it each morning when I head down to get the girls and start the day, and each night, before I go to bed. Maybe I'll become a better person. Maybe I just had fun making 13 little signs.

In case you need an overhaul too, here's my list:

Dare to Dream
Never ever ever Give up
Have Adventures
Live Everyday with Gratitude
Love Deeply
Be Brave
Let Them be Little
Be Kind
Be Mindful 
Let Your Light Shine

Treasured Memories has started carrying a new company, Dusty Attic. They make laser cut chipboard pieces and they are so great. They have a ton of shapes, in all sizes and themes and the quality is really high. 

They gave me this leafy vine to play with and I had fun. I inked it, curled the edges, drew on it with distress pens and added glossy accents to some of the leaves. 

I had fun with this and I will be adding more Dusty Attic product to my stash. 

Also, this wall hanging is mounted on another of my brother's awesome plaques. He gave me a pile of them for my birthday one year and I love them! You'll see them all over my house, some of my friend's houses and probably on display at Treasured Memories. Pretty handy having a carpenter for a brother.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Spray Park Fun

We've been frequenting the spray parks again this summer. Such a great way to cool down and have fun in the sun. It's also incentive for the kids to sit through strollersize... we go for a run and then head to the park to play.

Emma's not sure about it, but she likes to test it out. 

Gracie and her buddies get right in there this summer. No more hesitation. 

They're even brave enough to stand directly in the spray (it's cold, I can attest to this).

Emma gets close

and then retreats. Too cold!

And the 3 hams drying off in the sun.

Enjoy the heat!

Friday, 4 July 2014

18 Months Old!

This little spitfire went for her 18 month check up on Monday and hated it, as per usual. 

She goes from cuddly and friendly to writhing, screaming, hiccup-y crying monster as soon as she sees a doctor or nurse. 

This makes the check-up a breeze. "I'll just listen to her heartbeat. Right, I can't really hear much besides screaming...Maybe her ears? Hmmm, she doesn't like that either."

Emma yelled from the moment the nurse asked her to step on the scale to the moment she left the room. She paused long enough to giggle with me and Gracie and then started up again when the doctor came in. She left, Emma got herself composed and marched over to the sticker table to pick out her hard-earned prize for being such a good girl.

Either way, we got an inaccurate measuring of her stats and everyone was very sympathetic, as I obviously live with a monster.  

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


A few pictures of my lovies on the backyard bench swing, enjoying some shade. 

And... Emma trying to escape the cuddles.

We're getting better at taking pictures of Brad at his bike races. 
Look at the picture below and I bet it takes awhile to pick him out. Now try doing it as a pack of cyclists flies by at 40 km an hour... seriously, they're all just men in spandex.

He's in the middle, blue and white helmet.

 Unfortunately for him, he got dropped from the peloton in this race, so he had to work really hard to keep up. Lucky for us, because we could get some pictures!

Gracie cheered: "Go daddy, go daddy, go daddies? I can't see him."
And Emma yelled, "Go, go, go!"