Thursday, 29 August 2013

3 Quick Layouts

Because every post lately has involved the word 'busy',  there's no question why I'm keeping the quick and simple scrapbooking theme as my go-to method.

I love sitting down in the evening, once the girls are in bed and banging off a little pile of layouts. Its so satisfying!

First off, I love the navy blue trend. Love it! I didn't know that I followed colour trends, but blue works for everything, girls, boys, sky, lake, nature, whatever, it works. And these medium to dark blues are bright and easy to pair with other colours. Love it.

This line is from Basic Gray. I loved the pretty florals and I think they paired well with my sepia instagrams. 

Loving the simple details.

This one was so quick! I layered a piece of patterned cardstock with a scrap of kraft with washi tape around the edges, added three photos across and then began with the stickers. I used up some leftovers from one of my design team sticker pages (Echo Park again, these last forever!) and combined three different alphabets for my title. 

 This is a great way to use up leftover alphas, too. I think it looks more interesting than using the same colour, font, etc.

I threw a journaling card in this layer of embellishments, but the rest are stickers.

I think simple clusters add a lot to a page.

One more...I used a few old products here. The background paper is Cosmo Cricket I believe, and is actually a Christmas paper (I hid a little Christmas tree behind my photos). Also, the wooden heart was in my stash from my craft bucket when I was a kid, I think. It's oooolllldddd. Everything else is fairly new and is American Crafts.

I really like gold lately. Check out the key, hearts and flower stickers on this page. Nice, shiny gold.

More layers. 

Are you getting more in the mood to scrapbook now that the summer is nearing an end, and back-to-school is just around the corner?

Friday, 23 August 2013

Caribbean Festival

We headed downtown to check out Cariwest, the West Caribbean Festival in Edmonton a few weekends ago. It was a small parade, but it was colourful and I think the kids enjoyed it...

Except it was noisy....

 Capoeira is dance fighting.... it's choreographed fight sequences, without making contact. Emma loved it! Her little legs were kicking right along with theirs. 

Experiencing everything the city has to offer....

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

August kit from TM

Ahhh summer.... the two months of the year that we try to jam all of our holidays, outdoor projects, and visits with friends and family into.

I have been bad at blogging this summer. Bad.

Having an extra kid around the house ... er, I mean husband... has made me busier, rather than freeing up some of my time. I'm not sure why that is.

Here's a quick look at my layouts for Treasured Memories this month. We all worked with the new My Mind's Eye lines this month and I love them! 

I thought that this journaling card was cute, "You are the salt to my pepper." Ha! It was a little too big for what I wanted so I cut it and split it up. Also, how cute is that mason jar? Yep, canning is cool folks.

Same paper line, just smaller amounts of patterned paper and more splatters from Gracie's watercolour set. 

And looky here, poor Bailey finally appears in a scrapbooking page. He was the star of the show pre-kids and now he's been out of the limelight for awhile. It's hard to see, but the lime alphas are a quote that I try to aspire to: "Be the person your dog thinks you are." 

I also experimented with a recipe for homemade texture paste on this layout. Those white circles are the finished product. 

I always try to mix up my projects for each kit, so you can see how versatile paper lines are. This time, I scrapbooked kids, travel, and pets, and I think each layout is pretty unique. Hopefully, this helps you look at all of  the possibilities when you see a line.

The best part about being on the Design Team is getting product that I might not normally pick. 
I think red is a challenging colour for me. I have girls, they wear pink, so I tend to lean towards pink papers, but this line had red and pink in it.... Isn't that a no-no? Red and pink can't be combined. They're like blue and green. Huh, there's blue and green on these pages, too.

All of those old rules have been thrown out the window. Patterns can be mixed, colours all over the colour wheel can be combined and it will look good. Make your own stuff, raid your kids craft bins, cut up the journaling cards, or peel apart layered stickers until you get something that works for you. Have fun!

And, speaking of fun, check this out!

I've made a little scrapbooker!!!!

She has her own album and she's helping me catch up on the 1000s of photos that I have to scrap. I see many scrapbooking mother/daughter dates in our future....

Monday, 12 August 2013

For the love of Watermelon

Emma is changing so fast right now, it's scary. 

She got two bottom teeth about a month ago, she started to crawl last week, she laughs and babbles and can pull herself up to sitting from laying down. 

She eats cheerios from her own cute little fingers and sits in a high chair. 

She's outgrown first the little baby hammock in her baby tub and now the whole tub. She's literally longer than the tub. 

She loves watermelon. I think it's cool and juicy and makes her teeth feel better, but maybe its just sweet. 

I'm not sure if you can see, but there's a full stream of watermelon juice dripping off her elbow.

And she can pack in a ton. 

And she's willing to share ;)

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Fun at the Farm

We went camping to three different spots, spent weeks on the road, and I took a total of 12 pictures. We went to the farm with no real plans, and I sat with my camera, snapping away. Tons of photos of the kids and Grams playing and I love them.

 I love these next ones! :)

And the nappers, William and Emma, joined the crew a little late, but they enjoyed it, too.