Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Muttart Conservatory Field Trip

Gracie's preschool visited Muttart Conservatory last week and it was a really fun trip. They went on the first day of spring, which was a nice time to visit, because we woke up to snow in Edmonton. It almost felt like it could be spring inside the pyramids. 


Their special display was a greenhouse full of tulips, which was so nice. 

The program was good, it got the kids involved and taught them something. They learned about bees and got to wear 'bee goggles' so they could see like a bee. 

They also learned about ladybugs and how they help plants by eating aphids. They got to release one on the plant of their choosing, to help it grow. 

Of course Gracie picked one with pink flowers.

 All of the kids liked watching their ladybugs to see where they went.

They also got to plant their own plant to take home and it was pink, so Gracie was happy!

Fun field trip, but I remember everytime I volunteer why I am not a preschool teacher! ;)

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