Friday, 31 October 2014

Sleepy Sweetie

Happy Halloween!!
Hope you are all panning on enjoying a spooky, or not-so-spooky October 31st with some yummy treats and fun costumes. 

Here's something completely un-scary for you for today.

I made this layout of Emma and then realized it was actually Gracie! Ha! Oops. This is why you should be up-to-date on your scrapbooking. 

I used a little more of the Webster's Pages line that I'm crushing on and some old Crate Paper patterned paper, Prima gems and American Craft Thickers, Studio Calico chipboard and Bella Blvd. patterned paper.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Carving Pumpkins

We carved our pumpkins Sunday night and put them outside overnight, only to find them covered in snow the next morning! It has to snow for Halloween. 

Scooping out the guts.

This is serious work. Everyone got their hands dirty. 

Hugging her pumpkin.

We made some yummy pumpkin seeds, with all of our scoopings, so we have some decorations and some treats. A good night's work!

 The finished masterpieces!

Apparently, it's Cat Week at our house. Everyone chose to make a cat, and then we made one pumpkin who ate too many treats, just because it's so funny (and fast).

This was Gracie's scaredy cat. She drew him and I attempted to follow her lines. 

In front is Brad's "I thought it was a dog" cat ;)

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Maybe the form isn't there quite yet, but she's got the strength to muscle up a rope a ways and think it's fun!

And Emma is stuck  on the other side of the fence, but tries to keep up her gymnastics moves, too. 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Webster's Pages Brights

The other layouts I showed with this line show the subtle colours and rough textures in the line, while these layouts show how bright and fun the line is. 

I love the little one by one pictures. They're so cute. 

Super bright, colourful feathers? Why not! 

The line also came with three sheets of printed vellum which is just great. The LOVE title is a vellum piece. As is the tiny blue piece behind the photo on the first layout. 

Dog Park

It's such a lovely time to be outside. We love to be in the river valley, where it's especially pretty. 

We enjoyed the river valley with Bailey at the dog park. 

Gracie committed to running everywhere that Bailey went, so she was exhausted after. We tired out two out of three of our 'children.' Bonus!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Project Life

I'm not quite there, but I'm eeking closer and closer to the Project Life or pocket style of scrapbooking. 

If you're not familiar with what that is, check out some examples here.

Sometimes, I have so many photos that I want to put in my album, I create pages like this, which look suspiciously like a PL page anyway. 

I think I may start incorporating them in amongst my other layouts. Plus, I have a ton of journaling cards that I could use. 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Park Play

We're running out of time for our after-supper bike rides to the park. It's dusk when we get there, even if we eat early. 

Hopefully, we get a few more days to play in the sand, swing on the swings and race down the slides. 

From here on out, each time is a bonus. 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Butternut Squash Ravioli

Yummy! I love butternut squash. My mom sent some home that she grew in her garden this year, so I turned some leftover wonton wrappers into delicious ravioli with hazelnut, brown butter sauce. 

I know it doesn't look like much, but it was good. So good. 

I love fall foods. 

I'm going to need to run more. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Pre-Thanksgiving Celebration

The girls and I visited Grams and Papa at the farm the weekend before Thanksgiving. 
We snuck in a trip when they were still harvesting, but had to wait for things to dry up.  

We saw a window, and we jumped ;) 

Gracie checked out Papa's tractors.

Mom cooked us a fantastic meal and we had all kinds of family join us. It was great.

Grandma Sackett and Auntie Rhonda got swing duty with Emma. 

Check out the three farmers chatting in the background :) Ok, two farmers and a carpenter. 
That sounds like the beginning of a joke...

I love these pictures! Thanks to my mom for taking them!

We had such a nice visit. There's something about the farm that's just so relaxing.  

Emma really enjoyed spending time with her Great Grandma! 

We didn't get to see a lot of extended family this year, so we'll just appreciate quality over quantity this year. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Webster's Pages

I love the new lines by Webster's Pages! They've really been stepping it up lately and creating great products!

I bought a paper pack from the Nest line and have made at least 7 layouts with it already. 

Here are a few:

Barn board is all over everything lately, and I love it. I've got so many papers that look like some type of wood, I should almost call myself a carpenter, instead of a scrapbooker. 

A layout of Grams and Emma

and Gracie, Jada and Papa. This line is kind of perfect for farm photos...

This line has lots of browns and beiges, but they've thrown in some bright colours, which I love.  Some of the papers, I'd like to just hang on my wall. 

This line helped me get my scrapbooking mojo back after taking most of the summer off to play in the sunshine. 

Huzzah! Welcome back craftiness, I missed you!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Treasured Memories Crop

Last weekend I got to spend the weekend with my scrapbuddy Jacqueline and a roomful of wonderful ladies at Treasured Memories. 

It was so much fun and my most productive crop ever! I got 37 layouts and 1 card made!! Holy craft-mania!

We had delicious food, informative make and takes, inspiring challenges, great doorprizes and goodie bags, and we were surrounded by fun, creative people, on staff, and in the crop room (also, just outside the crop room, because we spilled out into the store a little). 

Thanks TM for hosting! Can't wait for the next time I can come play. 


We stayed in Edmonton for Thanksgiving this year, because Brad was on call, but luckily, he never got called out, and we just got to share a nice long weekend together as a family. 

First off, Brad did Gracie's hair this morning... you can't really see it, but it was quite the ponytail. Anyway, Gracie and I made buns while Emma was napping. 

When she woke up we had a feast! The smallest turkey I could find was 6.7 kgs, so we had a great supper, and now we have a freezer full of leftovers. 

I took the turkey out of the roaster and Gracie said, "that's the biggest bird I've ever seen. It kind of looks like a monster."

It may  have looked like a monster, but both kids ate like monsters so it was worth all the time spent in the kitchen. 

Especially when Emma squealed, "Yay mom!" every time I brought something new to the table or gave her another helping of cranberries. 

Like my Tupperware gravy boat?? Remind me to upgrade that one of these days...

The dessert? Sky-High Pumpkin Pie. 


So good. Gingersnap crumb crust, pumpkin pie, meringue, and candied pecans. 

I basically ate a 10" pie all by myself this week. I can't decide whether to put this recipe behind glass or burn it. 

Hope you all got to enjoy the weekend.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Edmonton Corn Maze Extravaganza!

We visited the Corn Maze over Thanksgiving weekend and had so much fun!

We went with Gracie's new Kindergarten buddy, Leah and her mom and the kid's ran wild, while we followed and laughed and them.

The questions were tricky, but we answered them and found our way through, thanks to Navigator Brad. Who knew you actually had to pay attention to where you were going in a corn maze? You could seriously get lost in this one!

Emma busily harvested all of the corn she could find.

The maze was huge! Check out the crazy cool design here. Seriously, check it out. Who knew there were corn maze artists? The charity they supported this year was Santa's Anonymous, hence the off-season design.

These girls had absolutely no fun together ;)

A cute scarecrow that kept popping up in the maze.

Navigator Brad will keep us on course.


Yes, they're the same age. Gracie is a full head shorter, though. They actually measured themselves next to a row of apples on 'apple day' at Kindergarten and Gracie said she was 13 apples high and Leah was 21!

Scoping out where we needed to get to on the bridge. 

Our cute little farm family.

There was work involved in this maze, not just fun.

Ok, it was all just fun. 

These big air pillows were worth an hour of our time. Kind of like a trampoline or a bouncy castle. Just super springy and fun.

What a great day!