Friday, 27 February 2015

Cousins Snow Time

Brin, Kale, Auntie Steph and Uncle Broc came up a few weekends ago to visit and we got lots of time to play in the snow, skate, swim, hit the dog park and have fun!

Brin made beautiful snow angels.

Emma looks pumped to walk the dogs ;) Haha!

and Gracie and Kale walked together and chatted, when they weren't running after the dogs, or trying to get the stroller back from the younger girls. 

Everyone got lots of fresh air and activity.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Urban Cowgirls

Ride 'em Cowboy!


These two love their new stick horses. 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my hard workin', mountain climbin', North Face wearin', bike ridin', soccer coachin', hockey playin', coffee lovin', kid teasin' hubby. 

Work or play, you always have fun. 

Thanks for being the best dad and husband we could ask for. We love you.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Bald Baby

Who is this bald baby?

What a cutie. 

Seems so long ago. 

The other day, this bald baby crawled out of her crib and onto the change table next to it. Yikes! Time for a bed, I think!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Layout Day

Marrakesh you say? Still workin' away on those pictures, are you? Yes... Yes, I am. 

It was only three years ago that we were there....

Like the Inka Gold on this old car? Love this stuff.

I used another big title sticker from Mambi on the layout below. They're such good sentiments....

The border was actually the negative space from a bunch of hearts I cut with the cricut to make a Valentines banner with Gracie. These little photos fit in there pretty well and I got to use a scrap of my desk. Huzzah!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Best Birthday Party!

Gracie went to an awesome birthday party for her buddy, Leah. 
It was at a stable and they got to pet all kinds of animals. 

pigs, guinea pigs, a ferret, a cat, 

A rooster

Sheep, goats, llamas, miniature brahma bulls...

They got their brushes and got to work giving everyone a good brush down.

Then they got to use grease paint to paint a donkey, a miniature pony and a horse. 

These guys were bomb proof! The kids kept walking behind them to paint their tails and even painted their hooves, and the animals didn't even flinch. 

They even dressed them up with boas and leis and crowns and cowboy hats and all kinds of ridiculous costume pieces. 

Then they got to ride horses. This is all the kids with the horses they rode.

Waiting their turn to ride.

Gracie rode Pitter Patter. Note the stirrups are a foot below her boots...

She was pretty excited!

Plus, they got all kinds of snacks and treats and got to take home a stick horse of their own. Haha!
What a fun afternoon!

Sunday, 15 February 2015


Brad and I went to Banff for a hockey tournament he played in last week, just the two of us. What?! You heard me, no kids. Grams came up and stayed with the girls and they had a blast.

In between games, we made a trip back to Lake Louise and snuck in a quick 12 K ski on our favourite trail, the Pipestone. These trails are right behind our old place and it is such a magical spot.

This is how long it's been since we skiied, see the dust? We knocked that off right away!

I'm sure five years has changed us, but the the trails are still the same (except for some new signage which was awesome and a few more skiers. We ran into 3 groups on the trail, which was unheard of before, especially on a Wednesday.)

Dusty skis and rusty cross country skiing muscles, but we got into the groove pretty quick.

You stay hidden in the trees for most of it, and the snow is lazily falling off them as you ski through. It's quiet and serene and so peaceful!

Brad stepped off the trail to take a picture and sunk to his hip bone! Haha! The things you forget....

A photo with Onion Lake in the background. It was actually called Unnamed Lake, and Brad heard it wrong once, so it's always been Onion Lake to us and the friends who heard the story. Tough when your friends are all wardens. They don't forget about a little geography mistake. 

Friday, 13 February 2015


Here are some random layouts using blue, green, beige, brown and pink. 

All different companies used on these. Bo Bunny, Crate Paper, American Crafts, Kaisercraft, Fancy Pants, My Mind's Eye, and who knows what else....

Just using what I had on hand. 

Look at these little faces! Who is that babe? Awe. G and E over a year and a half ago. 

And more recently, Emma can plough through a chocolate in moments, but not without a mess. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015


When is the last time I posted about this lovable pooch? 
Poor guy used to have his own scrapbook and all we talked about was him... then we had kids and got lives and things changed. 

Even if we don't tell enthralling stories about our dog anymore, we still love him. 

And we love going to the dog park with him on weekends. It's a good family activity and a way to make sure we all get fresh air and exercise. 

There's hardly ever anyone in the stroller, but the kids either hop in for a rest or snack or take turns pushing it. 

Bailey is getting a haircut next week and it's time. He's so wooly!

This poor guy is just lucky the crown was on Gracie's head in this picture. Usually, he would have one on too. 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Around Here

I'm about a month behind on here, so these pics are not up-to-the minute, but they're pictures, and I was a bad blogger last week. 

We gave away all of our baby supplies, so every time we hauled something out, the kids rediscovered how amazing it was. We gave away the swing despite Emma. She kinda fell in love with it.

Smoothie season is upon us. Get those fruits and veggies in kids! Blueberries make the best smoothies, but man are they messy...

If you're mom is mean, she'll give you one of these hairdos. It keeps the hair out of her face, but she looks like a fish. 

Mom needs to get supper cooked, so out comes the fort. This was an under table fort. It's amazing how calling something a fort means they'll lay down and read quietly together for an hour!

Pretty cool!