Saturday, 4 October 2014

What's happening here

We went to an awesome firefighter's birthday party. 

 And even got cupcakes!!
You may notice some icing on the bottom of Emma's visor... she had some trouble getting the cupcake to her mouth, with it down :)

Gracie got a rainbow loom for her birthday and has been creating bracelets for herself and her friend, Leah.

She also got a headband making kit and her and I have been creating masterpieces.

I got new runners and they're awesome! I think they make me faster... maybe because they're so BRIGHT!

Gracie's settled in to kindergarten and has even started taking the bus home at lunch. Emma is settled into her routine, too, after we drop Gracie off, Emma gets a banana and heads into Gracie's room to play with all of her toys.

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