Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Pre-Thanksgiving Celebration

The girls and I visited Grams and Papa at the farm the weekend before Thanksgiving. 
We snuck in a trip when they were still harvesting, but had to wait for things to dry up.  

We saw a window, and we jumped ;) 

Gracie checked out Papa's tractors.

Mom cooked us a fantastic meal and we had all kinds of family join us. It was great.

Grandma Sackett and Auntie Rhonda got swing duty with Emma. 

Check out the three farmers chatting in the background :) Ok, two farmers and a carpenter. 
That sounds like the beginning of a joke...

I love these pictures! Thanks to my mom for taking them!

We had such a nice visit. There's something about the farm that's just so relaxing.  

Emma really enjoyed spending time with her Great Grandma! 

We didn't get to see a lot of extended family this year, so we'll just appreciate quality over quantity this year. 

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