Sunday, 19 October 2014

Edmonton Corn Maze Extravaganza!

We visited the Corn Maze over Thanksgiving weekend and had so much fun!

We went with Gracie's new Kindergarten buddy, Leah and her mom and the kid's ran wild, while we followed and laughed and them.

The questions were tricky, but we answered them and found our way through, thanks to Navigator Brad. Who knew you actually had to pay attention to where you were going in a corn maze? You could seriously get lost in this one!

Emma busily harvested all of the corn she could find.

The maze was huge! Check out the crazy cool design here. Seriously, check it out. Who knew there were corn maze artists? The charity they supported this year was Santa's Anonymous, hence the off-season design.

These girls had absolutely no fun together ;)

A cute scarecrow that kept popping up in the maze.

Navigator Brad will keep us on course.


Yes, they're the same age. Gracie is a full head shorter, though. They actually measured themselves next to a row of apples on 'apple day' at Kindergarten and Gracie said she was 13 apples high and Leah was 21!

Scoping out where we needed to get to on the bridge. 

Our cute little farm family.

There was work involved in this maze, not just fun.

Ok, it was all just fun. 

These big air pillows were worth an hour of our time. Kind of like a trampoline or a bouncy castle. Just super springy and fun.

What a great day!

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