Monday, 28 April 2014

Treasured Memories Kit April

I got the Nautical line from Fancy Pants Designs this month and I loved it!

 It's not my usual colour palette, but I do love the nautical theme. I didn't play it up a lot on these layouts, just used the water connection.

I also used light blue at the top, middle, and bottom of the page to lead the eye to the bottom and used the adventure quote on the bottom to draw the eye across the page.  

I love the sayings from Amelia Earhart in this line. I've always liked her quotes. 

I edged everything with a thin, grey pen line, including the photos to give the eye a visual break between the busy patterns. 

 I printed most of this quote with my printer, adding a few words with the great alphas that come with this line. If you want to do something similar, set up your quote in your word processing program and choose the words you want to showcase. Make these white and much larger than the rest of the text so they don't show when you print and you leave plenty of room for your stickers.

The bright colours work well with the kid's lifejackets in these photos. 
I used a light grey cardstock as a background, and red cardstock as a mat. I knew I wanted to scatter some of buttons and stars within the title, but I wanted to bring in some more of the red from the background as well. I used two different sized hole punches on the grey cardstock so the red would show through in three spots.

The chevron design was made from strips of patterned paper I trimmed off, and stitched together. I haven't had my sewing machine out in awhile, and it felt good. I will be doing it more often.

I can't wait to deliver these to Treasured Memories. I got a little bit of scrapbooking mojo from working with this kit!

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