Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Life Update

What is this, a scrapbooking blog? 

I got on a roll, so I have too share some pictures of the kids, just because. 

Must keep the Grandmas happy!

I like to call this our Sickie Selfie. We took it on a sick day.... one of many. Blah! Now that it's warm, I have my fingers crossed that our sick days are behind us.

Emma's a rock star in the tub!

Gracie took some pictures of me and Emma. They're blurry, but they still make me smile. 

We spent Easter weekend in Lethbridge and had a ton of fun, but I forgot my camera, so this is all I got on my phone.

The hunt was on! The girls did great.

Emma strutted all over the gym the kids searched in. 

See her cute barrette? It was a chick. Thanks Auntie Meagan!

And just because these two are such cuties. 

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