Saturday, 12 April 2014


Hey, look at that! 
Some scrapbooking on my scrapbooking blog....

I've hardly had any chances lately to scrapbook.... Brad's been away, I've been away, we've been sick, it just hasn't happened. 

I did steal a few moments to make some layouts that are, as usual, off-season.... 

Another one from Prairie Gardens last fall.

There are a few reasons why it seems to be eternally fall or Christmas in my scrapbooks:

1. I love these seasons
2. I love the colours and textures and smells and everything that surrounds these seasons
3. I seem to be backlogged with photos from these seasons
4. It feels like these are the only two seasons that ever come to visit us in Edmonton

And one of Gracie in Grams' and Papa's corn from two years ago.

A few close-ups of this one:

I love burlap, don't you? It adds such great texture.

Hope you enjoy!

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