Saturday, 14 September 2013

Weekly Recap

Gracie's first day of preschool was a success. She had lots of fun, tried to learn her teacher's names, played in shaving cream foam, played at the park, and brought home some magic play dough.... Pretty good day!

She said it was 'easy peasy' being left by herself and her teacher told me after that Gracie took a real leadership roll in the class... I bet she did ;)  (apparently, she told some girls who were talking they were supposed to be listening). So... Leadership, we'll go with that, I guess.

She also started gymnastics again, and I think she may be a little out of her league with her new class. She's the smallest by at least a head and can't reach the bars or anything by herself. Plus, they started off with cartwheels and backwards somersaults, which aren't really in her repertoire. We'll see.

We watched her little buddy one night, so she had her first sleepover this week, to top it off. It was funny and they were sweet, but I think they were about 3-4 hours short of sleep the next day. At one point, Berlyn started to miss her mom and Gracie reassured her, "you can call my mommy Christa." (her mom's name) Ha! Cute. 

I'm not sure if you can believe this, based on the picture above, but Berlyn fell out of bed a few times that night.... Berlyn also woke up when Emma awoke and poked her head out of Gracie's room and asked if I could tell 'him' to be quiet :)

I picked up a new kit from Treasured Memories, went to strollersize, went to a craft/scrapbooking show, got new dishes, and had a little shopping extravaganza in IKEA. I also baked cookies and muffins and stocked my freezer full of herbs, shredded zucchini and cooked spaghetti squash.

Brad has been biking lots, has played two games of hockey and he took in the hills and stairs of strollersize with me this week. He also helped set up for a bike race Friday and Saturday morning.

Emma is still working on her next tooth, I think. It's been months, so any day it will appear.... She's also walking with her little car shown above and she likes to back it into this other noisy toy ( I call it the parallel bars) so she can maximize the noise output. She's also started sleeping through the night, so we're starting to be less like zombies!!

We're getting ready for company this weekend, Gracie's birthday next week, her party, and swimming lessons starting, so no slowing down. 

And that's the update.

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