Friday, 27 September 2013

Fall Walks

I love fall! Seriously, the air is crisp, the sun is out, the leaves are changing... its my favourite time of year. 

We've been enjoying our walks while Gracie practices with her new bike. She's already hit the 10 km mark on this little pink wonder! Impressive, right?! She loves it. It was definitely a good gift for her. 

She's had three spills, but nothing serious. She actually laughed when she fell with me (both times... yes, 2 out of 3 spills were when I was in charge, but frankly, with a squirmy 8 month old strapped to you, and a dog leash in hand, it's hard to react quickly). She's just happy to be cruising along on her bike.

Emma likes watching the scenery from her carrier and Bailey enjoys the extra walks, so it's a win-win situation.

We've got to enjoy the last days of sunshine before the cold and snow of winter creeps up on us.

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