Monday, 16 September 2013

Family Photos

My brother's family and our little family teamed up to get our parents a family photo for their anniversary this year. It's been ages since we had a professional photo taken, in fact, the last time, I was in grade 6 and my mom got sick the day of, so she wasn't in them... so... we were in desperate need of some.

My mom picked her favourite local photographer, Jill Clayholt, and we set a date.

I could not have been happier with the pictures!

With four kids under the age of 4, we expected problems, we had them prepped, but one of our wee ones was sick, one was eating grass for most of the photo shoot, and the adults weren't much better. In fact, I know I ruined a ton of pictures. I couldn't stop talking to the kids, adjusting someone's clothes, fiddling with something... seriously.

Somehow, the pictures turned out fabulous! I know mom and dad love them, but I feel a little like I cheated and gave myself a gift, too, because I have a CD full of great pictures!

These were taken about 3 weeks ago now, but it wasn't the photographer's delay. She had the photos ready within days of the shoot!! Amazing. If only I operated as fast....

If you need some great photos, contact Jill. You'll love the finished product.

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