Friday, 8 February 2013

What Our Life Looks Like

A few pictures from my phone of what happens in our day to day life. 

Emma sleeps, a lot.

Gracie leaps and jumps and runs, especially at gymnastics. Here, she's jumping into a little foam pit.

This is her class. When they change stations, they each hold onto a piece of a giant, stuffed snake.  This little train makes its way through the gym, passing by the parents (so every kid can wave and yell, 'Hi mom!'). It's a pretty smart way to move them without losing them.

Gracie showing her dad how she cleaned her whole plate.

Emma doing some tummy time. This little strong-baby can all ready roll front to back! What a toughie!

But, it's tiring being that active.

Gracie and I had a birthday party for Jasmine, and all of the other Barbies showed up.

And, we have matching nail polish at the moment. I like these nail polishes because they're nearly clear, but they look bright in the bottle. This way, I don't walk around with hot pink polish all over my hands for weeks. I learned my lesson. Gracie's actually very careful. You can't tell, but 90% of the polish is actually on my nails.

There you go. That's us. Throw in a few pictures of laundry, dishes, trips to the library and the grocery store, and lots of diaper changes and outfit changes, and you have our life.

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