Friday, 15 February 2013

Painting with Penguins

On Tuesday, we went to West Edmonton Mall and painted on a pirate ship with penguins!! 

We coloured a few pictures while they got organized. Gracie's friend, Berlyn was there to entertain her.

Here's part of the ship:

 And a quick look at one of Gracie's pictures:

The wings are the sides of her fists, and the rest was free hand ;)

The process:

This penguin painting above was a little more abstract. I think it was more about the glitter than anything else.

Then the Penguin Artist, Skadoo and his trainer took the stage.

Here's Skadoo getting ready to paint.

 The girls were watching closely:

In he dips, and then off he goes!

 His beautiful artwork:

He's an Oilers fan, so he chose orange, blue and white.

 The girls got to take a closer look at Skadoo's painting and pose with him (he's been in movies!! Their first movie star!)

What a fun day!

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