Tuesday, 26 February 2013

'Tis the Season

Are you feeling Christmas-y yet? Ready for next December, even though it's February??

Here's the third instalment of our December Daily album. 

We did a lot of baking as you'll see. My doctor told me I hadn't gained any weight since my last check up so I took his advice to 'enjoy Christmas' literally and we ate well!
These fudgy cookies were my favourite new recipe of the Christmas season and are easy and fun for kids to help out with.

While the aforementioned cookies are easy and fun, sugar cookies are a 'must do item' for Christmas. If you have kids, you must experience the joy of baking sugar cookies at Christmas. Make sure you aim high and double the batch, or heck, why not triple it?? You need that much sugar, as do they and the rolling, cutting, decorating and baking won't take long with a three year old assistant...

But, if you're lucky, an accomplished assistant will arrive (Grams!) to help and make it really fun. The cookies will be so covered in sprinkles, you will be able to taste the colours! Three year old portion control.

Opening presents and reading stories.

You may notice that I included pages of all diferent sizes and shapes in this album. I like the layered look, but in the photos, you miss the depth. 

The response to Gracie's letter to Santa, straight from the North Pole.

And, I'll leave you in suspense. Christmas, donuts, and the best gift of all are still to come.

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