Saturday, 9 February 2013


This is mostly for the grandparents, I must admit. They can't be here to see the girls all the time, so I try to send them pictures and videos to keep them in the loop. If you've got some time, and think mundane videos of kids are cute, take a quick peek :)

Emma is at such a fun stage. Six weeks old! She's started cooing and smiling and interacting a little more. What a sweetie!

She went for 5 hours last night from the start of one feeding, to the start of another, which made me so happy. It's amazing what a little stretch of sleep can do for a person. 

Unfortunately, I think it may have been the start of a bit of a cold. We all have it, so I guess she was bound to get it (especially with Gracie's excessive need to hug and kiss her... sweet, but germy). Luckily, it's been pretty mild for us, so let's hope it doesn't affect her other than making her sleep more. 

Wishful thinking.

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