Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Last glimpse of Christmas

The March through our December Daily album continues. 
Here we are. One of the big days we celebrated in December, Christmas!! 

She was hardly excited... didn't like any of her gifts and wanted to stay in her room all day. Ha! She was scratching at the door, waiting to get out Christmas morning and dove into the stockings, presents, and sheer joy of Christmas.

Testing out the goods.

Decorating a gingerbread house got a little sticky. If you try to hide the decorating smarties in your hand, they will melt, and then you're bound to accidentally wipe the melted smarties on your eyebrow, because you hoarded them so long, you forgot about them, too. This is why I love you, Gracie.

 We braved freezing temperatures to enjoy the lights on Candy Cane Lane.

We enjoyed turkey supper leftovers and a Christmas donut.

 Welcome Emma! Our little December Daughter kept us waiting, but managed to avoid Christmas day and all of her relatives birthdays to create her own special day on the 28th!

Here's where this little project got a little neglected. We weren't really being 'festive' after this point. You might say we were merry, but not very bright, due to lack of sleep, so we just enjoyed the greatest gift of the season: family. Gracie met Emma for the first time on the 29th, along with Grand dad and Papa. Grams and GG got to meet her the night before.

And we got to head home with our new bundle.

What better way to complete the year??

Hope you enjoyed this mini. I've actually got two more that I haven't shown yet. Maybe one day, they'll appear here, too.

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