Thursday, 10 September 2015

Gracie's First Day of Grade 1

Where did the time go? 

Everyone says it flies by once your kids get into school, but wow! It has been flying. 

This little cutie was off to her first day of Grade one this week and she did so great!

She took the bus by herself to school and back (doesn't matter that I put her on the bus, drove to the school to get her off and then did the same in reverse at the end of the day...)

She picked out her outfit, helped me pack her lunch and woke up singing. 

She even spoke at her school assembly in front of the whole school with a microphone! She introduced herself, her teacher and said that in Grade one, they focus on sharing. Cue the 'awes.' 

Come on! 
What a brave, smart, funny girl she is. Chip off the ol' block, I suppose. 

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