Friday, 4 September 2015

Backyard Bounty

I love our backyard this time of year! We have fantastic fruit trees that produce delicious plums and apples.

I used the plums to make muffins and we ate a lot. Plus, I chopped and froze lots and gave tons away.

My little helpers like adding the plums by hand. I full the muffin cups half full, they sprinkle plums in and then we cover them so we get a little plum pocket in the middle of our muffins.


My neighbour has great sour cherries, so we picked some of them and Emma helped me wash them and sort them.

We made nutrigrain type granola bars with them and froze the leftovers to make cherry jelly with Grams this fall.

The apples this year were crazy! There were a ton and they went from nearly ripe to over ripe in the course of a weekend, so we picked two big batches almost back to back.

My helpers are always with me.... Sometimes less helpful, but always entertaining. Emma kept yelling, "I'm a robot!" and making farting noises by blowing on her bucket/helmet.

I probably got 15 bags of apples in total this year off of one tree. 

We made apple sauce, sliced and froze a bunch and did some more baking with them.  
Here's a look at some of the baking bounty that went in our freezer. 

Simple pleasures.

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