Saturday, 12 September 2015

Borden Park

This is a favourite park of ours. It's got so much green space, you can easily spent hours there exploring. 

There are unusual sculptures like this 'dragon egg.' I'm not sure what it actually is, but that 's what we call it.

Perfect for playing hide and go seek in.

There are pretty fountains and ornamental grass gardens, nice shady spots to read a book and lots of room to toss a football. 

Even the bathroom building there is neat!! Haha! Two way mirrors make up the whole exterior, and it's really quite nice. 

This is our take on the 'bathroom selfie.' 

And of course, the playground. It's fantastic and never seems to be that busy. Perfect for monkeys of all ages. 

Plenty of spots to climb, swing, and slide.

Another great day of play!

Laurie, these are for you. It took me awhile to post them, but I loved hearing that you like our pictures  on the blog, so we made sure to take a few that day. 

Sadly, our picnic ended before I could get any pictures. With 5 kids and a playground in sight, there's not much time wasted eating.  ;)

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