Sunday, 27 September 2015

Gracie's Birthday!

She's 6! It's official! 
I can't believe it! What a fun day we had last Saturday. 

We went out for breakfast, she opened presents, then we went to her friend, Kai's awesome birthday party, then on to swimming lessons, out for supper, and to one last surprise shopping trip to the Lego store. 
What a day! 
She loved it all and I have a few pictures to share (okay, a ton of pictures. Bare with me.)

These next two were actually taken a few weeks ago when GG and Granddad were visiting, but I threw them in. 

Birthday party extraordinaire! They had pizza and ice cream cake and pop! Holy moly!

She swam sooo fast at lessons! Super sugar-high kicks blasted her through the water!

 And we ended the night with a double decker, super-de-dooper chocolate cake extreme, and then asked her to go to bed.... Haha! Of course that didn't happen right away, but she was pretty tired, so she crashed shortly after bedtime (or it was a diabetic coma, I can't be sure).

What a day!

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