Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Swoon June

 May was good! It was busy, but we had fun, and so far, June is coming in pretty nicely as well!

Emma is learning to take selfies. 
That makes two pint-sized photographers in the house now.

Brad came in second in a cross country bike race (first place didn't stay for the awards ceremony). Haha!

I went out with my cousins and besties for my future cousin, Taya's wedding shower and had far too much fun. (Fake ID at 32, check!)

I've been loving the weather, it makes me want lighter, more colourful meals. Yum! 
Bye bye crock pot! Hello Bud Light.

I've been going for lots of runs in the river valley, which I love. Even if the people I run with will always be faster than me, I still enjoy it.

Gracie's bringing home truckloads of crafts and projects from school in preparation for the end of the year! Yikes.  

I love this one. What fun teachers she had this year. Lucky duck. 

Next year, she starts school at 8:30, so I guess we can look forward to that for the next two months. No more sleeping in Emma Gem. 

All is well with the Malackos.

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