Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Storm the Fort

Brad and I ran the Storm the Fort obstacle course race in Fort Saskatchewan last Saturday.

It was really fun. 

The obstacles were great. There were about 15-20 different things we had to complete throughout the run. We had to carry a 5 gallon pail without a handle filled with cement up a hill about 30 m, weave over and under through a giant log pyramid, carry a sandbag 30 m, hop a mini obstacle course with our feet tied together, crawl through a ravine, jump rock to rock through another ravine, lots of ladders, lots of gates to jump or crawl under, nets to crawl under, tubes to crawl through, tires to run through, and I don't remember what else.

I got a few pictures of the obstacles:

A giant slip and slide. Which, despite the look on my face, was awesome.

This rope ladder.

The Arctic Enema....

Yep, that's ice stacked up beside the giant dunk tank.

We had lots of fun and ran it together. I won't say who was the fastest, but I found this picture posted online. Haha! 

"Just out here waiting for my wife." 

We finished! 
And we went faster than the last time we did a similar race. 
Yay us!

And the kids ate donuts and cookies and enjoyed themselves immensely.

I've already scheduled it in for next year.

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