Sunday, 14 June 2015

Edward the Emu

Gracie's class stuffed animal came home with us a few weeks ago for a sleepover. 

Gracie got to keep Edward the Emu for one day, and then had to make a journal entry describing what she did with him to present to her class. 

This is what we did.

We bought some plants for our fairy garden.

He helped us design, plant and decorate our fairy garden.

Then we ran through the sprinklers. 

Edward watched.

Gracie completed her journal entry. 
(See her fairy garden, her, and Edward under a blue, sunny sky?)

Okay, she did three quarters of it. I finished her homework for her... 
"Writing just takes soooo long....."

Haha! She was only the second kid in the class to try and write their own, so I guess it's okay. 

You're free to hold an intervention if you see me building a volcano for her 4th grade science fair.

Thanks Edward for the fun day!

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