Friday, 20 June 2014

Hello spring!

Well, it's been rainy, but there are heat spells in between the rain, and we are making the most of them. 

Here's what's happening so far around here:

Frozen yogourt tubes are a big hit here. It almost makes me feel good about giving them sugar, because they're getting dairy, too....

but they're cold, as Emma is demonstrating ;)

and delicious (as Gracie licks her lips).

 We have another fairy garden. This one is definitely magical...

Gracie is a soccer star, and Brad is an awesome coach!

Check out G giving her friend, Serina a high-five after a goal. Gracie is playing in the Under 6 league which puts her as one of the youngest and smallest, but she's used to that. She doesn't let it stop her from picking flowers and steadfastly avoiding the ball ;)

We've been visiting the parks in our neighbourhood a lot more. 

Emma is getting around so well now and loves the park.

  And Gracie bikes to them now, so my stroller is a little lighter. Perfect!

That's it. Hope you're enjoying the sunshine.

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