Wednesday, 18 June 2014

EPL wins Library of the Year!

Just a quick congratulations and a reminder to all those in Edmonton who don't use the library, you are missing out!!!!

Edmonton Public Library won library on the year! This is the first time a Canadian library has taken home this honour, and as a complete nerd and library enthusiast, I think it was well-earned!

Pretty impressive.

I've been a member at 5 libraries throughout my lifetime, and Edmonton has the best system, hands down.

If you want free, drop in classes for kids, book clubs, free song downloads, e-books, free online courses, ESL programs, free sheet music downloads, live music streaming, Lego programs, gaming programs, magazines, movies, 3-D printers, literally anything you can think of, they've got it and memberships are FREE!!!


Yes, free.

I honestly think we've saved thousands of dollars by using the library, just as a family, since we moved to Edmonton. Plus, they have the best online system so I can reserve whatever I want ahead of time, and even make lists of books that I want to read at a later date. I usually have 25 books or so on hold at a time, with my pick up dates spread out across the year, so I always have new books to read.

Okay, that's my plug....

Congrats EPL!

Here's a copy of their application. It's long, but interesting to skim.

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