Thursday, 19 June 2014

Gracie's Goal!!!

Gracie scored her first goal of the season, last night at soccer. It was such a moment, I have to share it. 
Another mom on the team captured a few shots, but nothing can quite capture the moment.

Gracie got the ball in our end and dribbled it down the length of the field, ahead of the other kids. 

She went right to the net, and kicked it straight in, no problem. This was something else from the girl who likes to hang back and stay out of the fray at soccer. Not only did she touch the ball, she got a goal!

Then she turned, and was smiling so wide, I thought her face would crack. She ran back to Brad (who was coaching, so was on the field) and was so thrilled, she started laugh-crying and threw herself at Brad. She then came to the sidelines and almost high-fived her sister right over, and gave me the biggest hug, while still sobbing. 

Choke. I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, and thought, why am I crying? Then I looked around, and all of the mom's and a few dad's on the sidelines were choked up, too. 

Oh my.

What a memory.

There may be no tears in baseball, but apparently there are in soccer. 

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