Saturday, 21 June 2014

Father's Day Gift

We made a homemade gift for Brad this year (okay, we do every year...) 

This one may be more useful than the hand-painted candy bowl for his desk. Since he's been doing more bike races this year, we made him a bib holder to hang on the wall. 

This helps me as well, because I found these five race bibs scattered throughout our bedroom. Now they have a home. 

The plaque is another great piece of MDF that my brother cut out for me with nice routed edges (I'm not sure I'm saying that properly... it sounds funny). Perfect for this project.

Gracie and I painted it blue and then placed the Hazel and Ruby stencils over it to spell RACES, and applied a quick black coat. A few cup hooks (hook-screws), some sanding and inking and it was done.

I layered my handprints, Gracie's and Emma's in different colours underneath, because we're his biggest fans ;)

Perhaps you have a racer in your life who would like one of these?? 

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