Thursday, 6 December 2012

Letter to Santa, Day 4

This is the first time we've written a letter to Santa. Last year, Gracie made a list, but we didn't send it to the Big Guy. 

We had a few practice runs, because she really changes her mind every day and anything you suggest, she says yes to. This was our final attempt. I think these are things that she wants, because they kept coming up. 

She wrote that all by herself. Wink.

We've been working on the fireworks issue, and I think she is okay now. She understands that there will not be fireworks under the tree for her, but if we see that someone is having a firework display, we will definitely go see it (If anyone knows of something in the Edmonton area, please, let me know).

I thought it was sweet that she constantly wanted to mention her baby sister on her list. I like to think that it's because she wants her baby sister to have nice things, but it could also be that she wants her baby sister to have her own things, so she won't steal hers.....

Back to the letter.

All addressed and ready to go!

Apparently, there's a controversy with Canada Post requiring postage on these letters this year, but I figured I'd throw 61 cents at them, either way, since they're operating on a mind-boggling deficit as of late. 

But I digress, again.

Marching to the mailbox.

I'm not sure why, but I love this photo, below. 

 And, because I was a little taken aback by her reaction at the Christmas party, (recap: "I wanted fireworks, not this!") we wrote a Blessings list, too. I thought it couldn't hurt to acknowledge all of the things that she all ready has that she loves.

We'll see if that rubs off on her this year. I think it will be something we do each year, though. Maybe as she gets older it will keep sinking in.

In fact, I think I'll write one, too. We discussed it, while we worked on hers, but it should be written down, too. Sometimes, I forget how lucky we are.

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