Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Day 19: The Day of Giving

Merry Christmas!!!

These are behind, so we're still on Dec. 19th, even though it's actually The BIG Day!!

I've tried to make this holiday season about a little more than just getting gifts.... Gracie gets so many gifts, and sometimes, I think the holidays blend together in a blur of sugar, presents and excitement.

I tried to teach Gracie the joy of giving and gratitude this year, but she's pretty young for that concept, so we're starting slow. 

Today, she learned the joy of giving.

She gave her little bestie a gift that she picked out and wrapped herself (with some help, as you saw, yesterday).

And her face was priceless. Her reaction made Gracie feel pretty good, and to be honest, it made me smile, too. Kids are so innocent and open.

Then she donated to charity, to help other people that may not have all of the luxuries that we have this time of year. The lady volunteering for the Salvation Army made her feel pretty good about herself. We've tried to complete a few Random Acts of Kindness throughout the season ourselves, but it was nice to see Gracie getting involved.

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