Tuesday, 4 December 2012

31 Days of December

It's that time again! 
We started this tradition last year, and it was so fun, we're going to try it again this year. 

For the entire month of December, we will try and do something festive, Christmas-y, or joyous, each and every day, to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year (Staples has kind of ruined that saying for me, now I think of back to school time as I type it).

Anyway, most do 25 days or 12 days, but I figure, why not max it out? Plus, we usually celebrate Christmas with family in the week between Christmas and New Years, so why leave those days out?

Day 1, was the Christmas Party. 

Day 2, we picked out our tree and here she is:

Lovely, right? We always get our trees from IKEA. They have a great deal where you buy a tree for $20, get a $20 gift certificate to their store, and they donate money to a tree planting organization. How could it be better?

Our tree is lush and lovely as usual. This photo is a Gracie close-up. Sometimes, giving her the camera, we capture details that I would have never thought of...

like how many needles accumulated on the tree skirt, when we set it up.

Oh well, it smells divine, and I love it. Plus, I got a new vacuum on the weekend, so I almost enjoyed putting it to the test.

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