Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Decorating the Tree, Day 3

Since the tree opened up so nicely, Gracie and I were ready to trim the tree. 

We started with the lights which, of course, only worked when plugged in, in a certain manner, so we restrung the lights... a couple of times.

Then we decorated, which was thrilling for Gracie, she wanted to hang each ornament, they were all 'her favourite.' She also had special orders for where they should hang, ie. Santa's should hang together.

She loves the ornaments that have recorded messages or photos.

Okay, she loves it all! She was just a little excited, hence the super smiley face:

And here is our finished masterpiece.

I had to rearrange the ornaments a little because it was pretty bottom heavy (it was decorated about as far up as Gracie could reach), but I think it looks fantastic.

With a boost, Gracie could even put the star on top, which everyone knows is the most important part.

It's looking a little more festive in our house.

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