Monday, 3 December 2012

First Christmas Party

We took Gracie to Brad's work Christmas party for kids last weekend and she loved it! A chance to see Santa up close and personal, finally!

It was a fun party, with lots of kids, hot dogs, face-painting, balloon animals, a magician, and the Big Man in Red!

This is Gracie watching the magician, before Santa came in. I'm not sure she really got it, but I couldn't get her to sit down or keep her from inching closer.

Her first view of Santa:

 Sitting with her friend, Nicholas, waiting patiently for their names to be called:

 Not sure what to do...

 Wow! He gave me a present!

 Thanks Santa!

And then... she got upset because she'd asked Santa for fireworks, and he didn't give her any. 

My goodness.

We've been discussing gratefulness and why fireworks aren't really appropriate for kids or Christmas presents this week. 

We'll see how Christmas day goes. I don't think there will be any fireworks under the tree either.....

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