Friday, 21 February 2014

Miss Emma

I promised more shots of my littlest munchkin, so here you go. She has so much personality for just over a year! 

Gracie set up a tea party for Emma and some of her dolls, and Emma was so happy! 

Emma has discovered that she can touch her hands together above her head. Sadly, she learned this on pizza night, so she tried to pass pizza from hand to hand above her head. It was definitely a bath night.

She loves necklaces. No matter what time of day, she will go to Gracie's dress-up box, grab as many as she can find, and where them around all day.

She will never be allowed to go to Mardi Gras...

Sunglasses are also popular and if your nose is too small to hold them up, just use your tongue ;)

Speaking of sunglasses, the Godfather herself wouldn't eat breakfast yesterday without her 'eating sunglasses' on.

Haha! Sorry the pictures are so bad, but I try to take them with my phone and I'm usually laughing while I try to take them. 

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