Thursday, 20 February 2014

Crazy Edmonton Weather

It's been so cold this winter, we've hardly been out to play, but it warmed up last weekend, so we have been out breaking thin ice whenever we can! There are even puddles to jump in!

The girls both love it outside (as long as it's warmer than -10 C) and they've been a little deprived of fresh air since we got back from Hawaii. 

When we're not outside, we've been inside baking. My little chefs are very helpful in the kitchen, as long as I let them snack while we bake. 

Emma won't look at me in these photos, but I've got some real special ones of her to post soon ;)

When the chocolate chips came out for this banana bread, Gracie said, "I better check those out to make sure they're ok." Haha! I guess she's heard us use that line before. 

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