Sunday, 24 November 2013

New Stack

 I finally got through the pictures I took of the last stack. So, here's the next stack....

I feel like a Mexican factory worker or something. I'm pumping layouts out fast these days.

If you want to know my method, it's simple. I spend one night picking out a bunch of pictures that I want to scrap, and spread them all over the floor. Then I add paper on top of the pictures, and maybe embellishments, and keep them together. I put them together in a box on my scrap table, and then I pull out everything I need, whenever I find a few minutes, and I'm ready to go.

Or if you ask Brad, I make a mess all over the floor, then add to the mess, and then shove that mess into a box, to be pulled out slowly, making a bigger mess :)

Sweet Emma. 

I tried to really use my stash on these, no buying anything new. I pulled out my gigantic box of ribbon and tried to use some of it. I have great stuff, but it's kind of out of sight, so it just piles up.

Both of these have ribbon on them. About 18" of ribbon gone from my stash with these two layouts alone, only 2,000 feet to go.

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